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12/14/2017 Board Meeting Minutes

12/14/2017  ZCP Board Meeting Minutes

Present ZCP Board Members
Dave Ebaugh, Thomas Miller, Mike Pappas, Daryl “Karuna” Eigen

Present ZCP Members
Karma Forbes – zoom video, two-way connection
Diana Saltoon-Briggs – In-person participation

Agenda Review and Adjustment

Agreed to maintain a running list of agenda items viewable by the ZCP community on the Web Site.

Communication and Transparency – We discussed as a board that a platform will be identified to share information, and make information accessible. Ideas discussed would be a blog, or google group or private facebook page. Members agreeing to explore this are Thomas Miller. Thomas Miller agrees to follow up in exploring this and report back to the board for our next meeting.

Calendar and sign up board will be explored and made visible to members. Sign ups for the morning sits, the weekend sits will be part of this tool. Thomas will identify the tool, Karma will coordinate filling volunteer slots needed to keep sits staffed with volunteers.

Thomas will report weekly on his progress.

The board approved communication committee of Thomas and Yuzan

Volunteers need to be actively recruited, a phone tree needs to be established to reach out to the community for volunteers. Discussed fostering a culture of service, encouraging peer participation.

For the tasks of time-keeping and practice, we have volunteers signed up through December. We are looking for volunteer teams of 3 to be sure to have the coverage for those activities. Karma agrees to be responsible for operations over the next few weeks and reach out to Tony, Pat and Phyllis to help Karma coordinate operations.

Bringing in a consultant (a current teacher with experience in sangha trauma healing), to help our community through our current transition.

Karuna has been given procedures for responding to an ethical lapse, he has found that Dharma Rain has documentation on their web site ZCP can review for ideas to follow up on.

We have offers for assistance from Dharma Rain Zen community.

Karma has talked with Wendy Egyoku Nakao, head teacher, Zen Center Los Angeles, and has helped with communities fractured by behaviors of teachers. She will be available in the next 3 weeks to share her experience, and insights. She would like to meet with 8 to 15 members of our community, with tentative dates of 1/13 and 1/14.

Action 1:
The board moved and voted to invite Wendy Egyoku Nakao to meet with our community. Karma will initiate the contact and let the board and community know how best we can prepare for that meeting.

Action 2:
Diana Saltoon-Briggs agrees to volunteer to help coordinate this healing meeting and requests help to secure the location and organize the actual meeting. Thomas agrees to help find someone to help Diana. All this effort will be coordinated with Karma.

Vision and Mission and where will we be in a few months, what will we be, and what will we offer?

Karuna volunteers and Thomas offers to assist in this.

Thomas suggests that the community is solicited to identify the vision and mission of our community moving forward.

Dave and Karuna suggested offering a draft proposal of the mission and vision to circulate to the community for feedback.

Thomas referred us to the About ZCP page as a starting place: http://www.zencenterofportland.com/ordinary-mind-zen-school/

Karuna and Thomas offered that the dharma teachings are not at issue, rather it’s the lack of accountability, the lack of an avenue for concerns to be voiced and shared, and teacher misconduct can be addressed in a way that is supportive of the community members.

Karuna and Thomas agree that the core of the mission is Soto Zen. More discussion is available on the recording. Go to 108 minutes or so in the recording.

Board moves and approves, Karuna will review this page and draw up a proposed draft Vision/Mission statement, drawing from other mission statements of soto zen.  It was discussed that input and review with Tim is important.  After Board review, the draft statement will be presented to the community for discussion and consensus.  Board members agreed on the importance of making the statement simple and clear.

Insurance. Mike wants clarification on what’s covered, and the board would like to review the actual policy.

Thomas will ask Tony to send a copy of the insurance policy to the board for review and future discussion.

Discussed thoughts on how we will continue to meet, and raise money to fund a location. Friends of the Dharma, at 25th and SE Madison is suggested as a space. Meeting in community member homes is offered as a Plan C. Reducing the monthly rent expense, and working on membership and fundraising will help create options for a meeting place. Do we want to offer teaching, listen to podcasts, or simply not provide that. Our initial goal is to provide a space to sit that’s safe and centrally located. Daily sits could occur in member’s homes and a space could be used for weekly group sits.

Karuna and Thomas wills start looking at these options and report back to the board.

Next date for board meeting.

Meeting attendees will confirm their available dates.

Future agenda items:

  • Retaining New Visitors
  • Altar maintenance
  • Strategic Plan
  • Finances – raising money, creating a financial plan
  • Review committee volunteer survey