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3/24/2018 – Core Group Notes

ZCP Combined Board and Core Group Meeting


In attendance: Julia Bregren, Thomas Miller, Daryl (Karuna) Eigen, Phyllis Richardson

General discussion points:

  1. Ideas to increase Saturday participation

            * Senior practitioner talks

            * Continue with podcasts, communicate topic beforehand to community

            * Guest teachers

            * End Council Circle on Saturdays, unless requested

  1. Challenges in letting ZCP just “fall apart”

            * Dissolution is a legal process

            * We are a legal entity, need to stay that way to deal with tax responsibility on income
and make member dues and donations tax deductible

            * We can, however, rename ourselves, and modify  By-Laws

  1. What to do about April Intensive and Retreat tradition

            * Decision to not ask for commitment to meditate daily

            * Explore extended sit and potluck at end of April


Still working on finding a suitable space


  1. Julia will explore the “tea people.”
  2. Karuna will find out more about Jasmine space and the Movement Center
  3. Thomas will explore NW area in event space locator, rooms in neighbor businesses,
    contact Westover space agent for hourly rental until they find permanent leasee
  4. Phyllis will explore event spaces in close-in NE area


Next meeting: TBA. There is NO meeting scheduled for next Saturday, March 31st.

Prepared by Phyllis Richardson, reviewed by Connie, and Thomas


About Thomas Miller

Ordinary Mind Zen Senior Zen Practitioner since 1996 Marble Sculptor Owner of ZMassociates Environmental Corporation Passionate about saving the environment