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Action Ideas

What can you do, that is easy and will make a difference?
The following are suggestions.  They are simple.  They are easy.
Do whatever you can manage.  Start small.  Even small actions will add up over time and will make a difference.
More information will be made available at the Zen Center (See the easel and hand outs).
Ask any ECO group member for ideas or help!! (Larry, Phyllis, Thomas, Gregory)

Action Ideas:

  • Inventory your personal weekly use of energy, and natural resources.
  • Become mindful of your daily energy consumption.
  • Practice mindful energy and resource consumption.
  • Track usage to get an idea of how you consume energy and resources, like water, natural gas, vehicle gas, electricity, etc.)
    Log this for one month as accurately as you can.
    Select one area of consumption, and mindfully select and implement a change and track the outcome.
  • Learn about more sustainable and energy/resource responsible choices.
    • Vehicle miles driven (to work and for personal use)
    • What alternate forms of transportation might work for your situation (ride-share, bus, bike, walk, train, street car, scooter, other)
    • Home energy consumption (electricity, water, gas or oil, other)
    • Utility consumption (water, storm water, sewer)
    • Waste (what goes into your garbage can)
    • Recycle (paper, metal, glass, cardboard, plastic containers and bags, wood)
    • Carbon off-sets
  • Set personal daily, weekly, monthly goals for changing habits and consumption patterns.
  • Be mindful and understand your consumption and migrate toward more sustainable practices.
  • Your consumptions will fluctuate by season and events.
  • Educate yourself on your consumption choices and other choice alternatives.
  • Ask for help from the ECO experts at the Zen Center.
  • Share your experiences with others and the ECO Zen Practitioners.

Other tools: U.S. EPA Climate Tools
This includes several tool resources and educational material on climate change and what you can do.