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Teacher Interview

Private Interviews With the Teacher

Our teacher at the ZCP is Larry Christensen. You can request a private interview with him which will take place in the small room directly adjacent to the waiting area, just outside the meditation hall. To request an interview with Larry, take one of the numbered cards located on the wall immediately to the right as you enter the meditation hall. Interviews are conducted in order according to the number on the card. Take the card to your cushion. During the second period of meditation (weekday mornings and Wednesday evenings), Larry will leave his cushion and prepare the interview room. When Larry rings his bell the student with card number “1” proceeds to the room. At the next bell person number “2” proceeds to the interview room and number 1 returns to her or his cushion in the meditation hall. Please place your numbered card on the second hook (below the original stack) facing outward as you go to interview. This helps people remember what number we are at in the process.

The Interview Process

When exiting the sitting hall for an interview, take your cushion with your. Walk down the hall and enter through the first door on your right and closing the door behind you. Approach to the edge of the sitting mat (the zabuton), place your round cushion (zafu) on the larger mat, and then do a standing bow together with Larry (he will be seated). Sit down, tell Larry your name and the type of practice you are doing, such as “experiencing my breath and sounds.” When the interview is completed, you and Larry will perform a seated bow in unison to each other. After which, please stand and, while holding your cushion, make a final standing bow to Larry before leaving the room. Leave the door half way open.