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ZCP UPDATE February 2018

Dear friends,

We’re excited to communicate that both the Board and the Core Group have been working hard and have made significant progress in addressing the Community’s #1 priority of finding a location.
Our target date for moving is during May. Larry will be selling his home, so we need to be out of the Upshur space by June 1.
We’re currently looking at a spot near the Uptown Shopping Center on Westover and another one near New Seasons. We’re finding that market rents spaces that meet our requirements are around $2,000 to $2,500 per month. While other avenues of income are being considered, our primary, predictable source of income is monthly member donations/dues. We need to know how many of us are willing to commit to a monthly donation and at what level.
Another way we support each other as stewards of the ZCP Community is by showing up—all the sittings on our schedule are showing encouraging participation. Showing up can also include attending a Core Group meeting or Board meeting—you would be most welcome!
Thank you for your ongoing commitment to this practice and this community,

ZCP Board & ZCP Core Group