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ZCP Board

Incoming – 2018 Board Members and Contact Information:

Dave Ebaugh (President), david.j.ebaugh@gmail.com

Daryl (Karuna) Eigen (Vice President), daryleigen@yahoo.com

Tony Glenn (Treasurer), bigtonetone@hotmail.com

Mike Papas (to be confirmed, absent during vote), mp2new@gmail.com

Thomas Miller (Communications & Web Master), rainpoodle@gmail.com


General Contact: Tony Glenn, (303) 709-0728

Community Committee Contact: Patricia Norris, (503) 201-3026

Retreats Contact: Karma Forbes, karma.forbes@gmail.com

Webmaster Contact: Thomas Miller, (503) 519-5023, rainpoodle@gmail.com

 ZCP By Laws

ZCP Board Meeting Minutes

 9/8/2016 Board Minutes

 10/8/2016 Board Minutes
 Laird-Consensus 101